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How We Can Help You Lower Your Flood Insurance Rate

Living in a flood plain doesn’t mean you have to pay higher flood insurance premiums. Since we operate as independent insurance agents—i.e., we’re not hired by any carrier—we can serve as your advocate by endorsing you for special discounts that are given to “good homeowners.”

Standard home and renters insurance does not cover flood-related damages. Remember that you must carry flood insurance if you live in coastal towns, low-lying communities, and areas near rivers and other large bodies of water.

Flood Insurance Policy

Single Family

Two to Four Family

Condominium Unit

Residential Townhouse

Manufactured Mobile Homes

Single Family Residence

Our independent insurance agents are well-versed with the recent building standards and regulations.  In fact, if your property adheres to all FEMA-imposed modifications, we can endorse you for up to an 85 percent discount.

We also give advice on how you can modify your property so you get to enjoy huge discounts. Examples include relocating your equipment and machinery above the base flood elevation, elevating your first floor above the base flood elevation, installing flood openings, and backfilling your basement or any excavated areas.

Two To Four Family

You should consider buying a flood insurance policy if there is the potential that your house could be flooded by melting snow, an overflowing creek or pond or water running down a steep hill. And don’t expect to obtain a policy the day before the weather forecast so advises…..there is a 30-day waiting period before the coverage take

Condominium Unit

We will assess your situation to determine whether you need this coverage. After all, condominium associations are typically responsible for maintaining all forms of property insurance, including flood insurance protection. We want to avoid duplicated coverage to help you save money.

However, you may want your own personal property coverage because your association is not responsible for all your personal belongings, such as furniture, electronics, clothes, etc. What we want is to customize your insurance coverage based on your unique needs, allowing you to save money and enjoy sufficient financial protection at the same time.

Residential Town House

We will review your risk factors to determine the reasonable limit, or the maximum amount your carrier will pay in claim, which also dictates your premium. We don’t want you to overpay, we just want you to pay for your EXACT needs.

Manufactured Mobile Homes

Our independent insurance agents are well-informed in the ever-changing laws surrounding property insurance, especially those that make flood insurance more affordable to homeowners. Our goal here is to use the new changes to your advantage: lower your premium, provide you sufficient coverage, and prevent lenders and other entities from forcing you to carry coverages that you don’t actually need.

Contact us today. Explain your specific needs to us and we can give you customized insurance rates and coverage, thus allowing you to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.