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We look into several factors such as your location, type of property, and other existing insurance policies to make sure that you only pay for the coverages that you actually need. Our goal is to eliminate insurance duplication and unnecessary coverages, which are the two most common mistakes committed by people.

In addition, we can endorse you for incentive programs, rebates, and special discounts such as bundled insurance discounts, loyalty discounts, and senior discounts, among others.

We not only offer you the cheapest homeowners insurance quotes, but also ensure that you’re protected from huge financial losses caused by property damage and premise liability lawsuits.

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Other Structures

Personal Property 

Loss Of Use

Personal Liability

Dwelling Coverage

This covers damages caused by hail, fire, hurricane, and other disasters.  We can help you shop for the cheapest homeowners insurance rates that can still provide sufficient coverage. Also, we will review the perils (earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc.) in your area so you only pay for the coverages that apply to your unique situation.  For instance, if your neighborhood has no history of water problems, you can drop flood insurance.

Other Structures

This covers detached structures such as garage, shed, gazebo, and fence.  We encourage our clients to review their policy every year so they can add or drop coverages based on their changing needs.  Keeping your home insurance updated can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the years.

Personal Property Coverage

It covers furniture, appliances, and other personal items if these are stolen or destroyed by fire and other insured disaster. To lower your homeowners insurance rates, we can give you helpful advice on how you can qualify for “good homeowner” discounts, which many insurers give when antiquated wiring and pipes are replaced, and risk factors in the premise are removed or repaired.

Liability Coverage

This covers lawsuits for bodily injury and property damage that you, your pet, and any of your family member cause to other people.  We review your risk exposures to determine the reasonable liability limit based on your situation.

Loss of Use

In the event of damage that makes your house inhabitable, this covers your hotels, meals, and other living expenses while your home is being rebuilt. We can endorse you for rebate programs and hidden insurance discounts.  Also, we can bundle your homeowners and auto insurance, which can slash your premium by up to 25-35 percent.

Contact us today. Explain your specific needs to us and we can give you customized insurance rates and coverage, thus allowing you to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.