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Issues of Car Theft

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Auto Insurance Everett MA and Issues of Car Theft.

Every night after arriving home from work, Emily White parked her 2016 Ford Fusion just outside her house in Everett, Massachusetts, a city in Middlesex County located four miles north of Boston. One morning, she saw her street-side parking spot empty, causing her heart to sink while her mind raced. While her auto insurance Everett MA included comprehensive coverage, she was worried that her stolen car would cause her huge inconvenience and financial woes.

White’s car had a keyless entry feature, making it an ideal target for thieves who are increasingly using sophisticated hacking devices to steal newer-model cars.

The thieves broke into her vehicle with the “relay” method, police said.  One person stood by the car holding a transmitter, while another stood by the house with the same device to pick up the signal from the key, which White kept behind the door.

Once the key’s signal was relayed, the vehicle’s doors opened, and the thieves were able to drive away undetected, but not without replacing the locks and entry devices first.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance for Theft in Everett MA

Comprehensive auto insurance is an optional coverage to your car insurance policy that pays for car theft or damage stemming from break-ins, even if your vehicle is recovered. This coverage also reimburses damages from non-collision events such as weather and other acts of nature, animal-related accidents, falling objects, and vandalism.

You must carry comprehensive auto insurance if you’re driving a new car and/or it is worth more than $3,000. Without this coverage, you are left to pay out of pocket in the event of car theft, vandalism, and other non-collision events.

Liability insurance, which is the mandatory, basic vehicle insurance coverage, does not protect you from car theft.

The Extent of Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Everett MA

In general, your insurer will only pay for the actual cash value (ACV) of your vehicle, minus the deductible. To put this into perspective, White purchased her brand new Ford Fusion for $25,000 and had driven 33,000 miles, which put its average trade-in cost at around $12 - $13,000.

Take note that comprehensive auto insurance does not pay for ancillary items such as GPS, dash cam units and other valuables, which your homeowner or renter’s insurance (assuming you have it) may cover provided that you submit a separate claim.

Stolen Car Claim Process in Everett MA

If you're a resident of Everett, MA report the incident immediately to Everett police and your insurance agent (or their customer service number), within 24 hours of the theft. Take note that car theft is one of the most common fraudulent claims, so any delay might be perceived by your insurer as a red flag.

During investigation, you must be able to provide the police and your insurer these details: year, make and model of your car, vehicle identification number (VIN), license plate, identifying marks such as stickers, and location and estimated time of theft.

In the event of a car theft, many insurers require a minimum waiting period of 30 days (from the time the vehicle is stolen) to ascertain if it can be recovered.

Other Valuable Tips For Auto Insurance In Everett MA

If you think that your claim adjuster’s offer is unfair or flawed, you must present proof stating that you deserve higher valuation. These may include photos or receipts for car upgrades.

Once you reach an agreement, your claim can be settled. Should you still have an outstanding balance with your stolen car, your lender will sign off on the title, which means your insurance company will have ownership of the vehicle if it is found.

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