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We offer affordable auto insurance quotes from multiple carriers so you only get the best deal. Our well-versed independent insurance agents can even point out overlapping and unnecessary coverages to further ensure that you avoid paying extra premium. Our goal is simple: you should only pay for something that you actually need.

Want to know a secret for how to reduce your home insurance rates by up to 35 percent? According to surveys, merely bundling your car and home insurance together can slash your premium by an average of 16 percent. Now, imagine if you include more coverages such as your life insurance, flood insurance, etc. To further make sure that you get the most out of bundling, we’ll look into your risk factors, lifestyle, financial goals, etc. to eliminate gaps and redundancies in your coverages. We only offer no-frills and affordable home insurance quotes.

We offer affordable business insurance quotes from multiple carriers and help you decide which one provides the most solid financial protection at a fair price. Our independent insurance agents are also knowledgeable about state-sponsored programs and regulations that will allow you to enjoy huge discounts. We also know how insurance providers “define” good employers who make every effort to keep their workplace safe. Contact us so we can share the hidden discounts and reward programs for good employers.

We can bundle your business and commercial auto insurance so you get the best and most affordable insurance rates. We can also help you find a seasonal insurance policy, which means you don’t have to pay for coverages that you don’t need during the slow season.

Why Rateau Insurance?

We are a team of independent insurance agents, which means we work with multiple insurance companies and so you get to choose from different rates and coverages. Remember that while we work with multiple carriers, we only work for you. Moreover, our business model allows us to be your advocate if you have a billing or claim concern since we are not indebted to any one carrier.  For over 20 years, we have helped people find the most affordable insurance that provides sufficient and customized coverage. Our business mantra is simple: Provide highly customized insurance coverage and eliminate unnecessary and duplicated coverages so you can enjoy huge savings.

Insurance Savings, Coverage, And Claim Tips

Good Drivers

We can offer you cheap auto insurance quotes from multiple carriers and endorse you for good driver discount, teen driver discount, senior driver discount, and other hidden rebates you may not be aware of. As your advocate, we can help you find policies with cheap auto insurance quotes that nonetheless provide ample financial protection based on your specific needs.


If you’re a small business owner, you need highly customized business insurance to protect your assets from lawsuits, employee-related risks, fire, and other unforeseeable events. We can endorse you for huge discounts and other eligibility programs.  Our agents are well-versed in state-sponsored programs and regulations so you can take advantage of all the rewards and discounts.

Total Loss Claims

When Laura Jones’s 2010 Toyota Camry crashed into a post, her auto insurance Fall River MA declared it as a total loss, much to her surprise.  After all, her image of a totaled vehicle involved a dismantled chassis and collapsed roof, not something that appeared like minimal damage.

Contrary to popular belief, total loss is not determined by how damaged the car appears to be after an accident. Read on to discover the three reasons why car insurance companies consider a vehicle a total loss:


When Should You Drop Your Full Coverage?

Ten years ago Carl Dilworth bought his first car, a 2008 Toyota Camry that came with a fancy, pearly white paint job. Fast forward to present day, he still drives this midsize sedan and just recently renewed its collision and comprehensive auto insurance Beverly MA.

Just like Dilworth, a lot of policy holders commit the mistake of handling their carinsurancein an auto-pilot mode.  After all, a brand new, expensive vehicle requires different coverage (and extent of protection) than a low-value, older car.


How to shop for the best auto insurance rate

Not Shopping Around Is a Costly Mistake. For more than five years, Lawrence Wilson hadn’t bothered to evaluate his auto insurance rates or even reexamine the kind of coverage he actually needed.

Personal finance website NerdWallet.com has released a survey suggesting that about 38 percent of motorists haven’t compared their auto insurance rate in at least three years, which is a costly mistake.  In fact, just shopping around—i.e. when you compare insurance rates from at least 3-4 companies—can save you an average of $417. Tips on comparing auto insurance rates




We look into the value of your property, risk factors, and other variables so we can eliminate coverages that are unnecessary—for instance, if you live in an area with no history of water problems, flood insurance should be dropped. The key to a cheap homeowners insurance is to customize everything down to the very last detail.

Fleet and Non-Fleet Vehicles

We only work with reputable commercial auto insurance companies in Massachusetts and Florida so you get the best deal: financial protection at the cheapest price. We also look into your other policies so we can avoid overlapping and unnecessary coverages.

Issues of Car Theft

Every night after arriving home from work, Emily White parked her 2016 Ford Fusion just outside her house in Everett, Massachusetts, a city in Middlesex County located four miles north of Boston. One morning, she saw her street-side parking spot empty, causing her heart to sink while her mind raced. While her auto insurance included comprehensive coverage, she was worried that her stolen car would cause her huge inconvenience and financial woes.

White’s car had a keyless entry feature, making it an ideal target for thieves who are increasingly using sophisticated hacking devices to steal newer-model cars.


Coverage for Vandalism Damage

Maddy Simpson was furious when she realized that her brand new sedan had been keyed along the passenger side and on the roof, and one of her headlights had been smashed. While she carried auto insurance Chicopee MAthat included a comprehensive coverage, she was still distraught because she knew that dealing with senseless vandalism would be a huge inconvenience. The incident occurred in a car park adjacent to a shopping center in Chicopee, Massachusetts, the second largest city in Western Massachusetts, flanked by a number of transportation systems and metropolitan areas.

Comprehensive is an optional car insurancecoverage, which pays for the damages caused by anything that is non-collision: theft, vandalism, weather and other natural disasters, and animal-related accidents.

Ramifications of Letting Your Policy Lapse

What should you do? Thomas Atkinson’s only vehicle was totaled after a tree fell on it.  Unfortunately, his policy did not include comprehensive coverage, which could have covered non-collision damages and possibly paid for the replacement for his vehicle.  To make things worse, he let his policy lapse due to the financial constraints he was experiencing.

When you let your policy lapse for an extended period of time (i.e., several months or years), your car insurance rates will mostly skyrocket, sometimes more than twice your usual premium.  Furthermore, your previous insurer may decline to renew your policy and so your only option is high-risk driver insurance, which is substantially more expensive than a standard policy. How to Get Auto Insurance Again After Your Policy Lapsed.


Contact us today. Explain your specific needs to us and we can give you customized insurance rates and coverage, thus allowing you to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.